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The Birth of Black Skye

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Black Skye is a 2019 Mercedes Benz 4X4, 170, Sprinter. He will be converted into a kick ass camper van that will travel large areas of the Western Hemisphere with Myself and Laura. Join us on our journey. First we need to convert him into his Alter Ego, Black Skye. That task has been handed over to Dustin, owner of Overland Van Project in Portland, Oregon. He was turned over to Dustin on December 11, 2019. Can't wait to see how he turns out.

December 16, 2019, Guess what, Black Skye got some new shoes.

01/24/2021, updated. Backwood Adventure Mod front and rear Aluminum bumper. Warn Zeon winch with synthetic cable. Owl Van cargo carrier on rear doors. Flare space bump-out windows, color matched. These flares added approximately 12" extra space, allowing us to sleep sideways.

01-27-2021, Walls going up and then the fabric walls on top of that.


02/09/2021, Cabinets are going inside Black Skye. Electrical Pod is being assembled and will be attached to one of the rear wheel well bump.

Black Skye is finally finish minus the two rear Flare windows which have been on backorder since November. We will be picking him up on Friday the 5th. We didn't want to see her until we got to Portland but Dustin sends this teaser photo.


Black Skye was finally finished on March 3, 2021. We flew out to Portland and met with Dustin, owner of Overland Van Project. When I first saw Black Skye, I was in awe of the transformation that Dustin and his crew created. Talk about going from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. She is amazing. so many small details that to this day, I keep finding. As I told Dustin, "You have exceeded my expectations".


Since the MB Sprinter have such an angled hood nose, it is susceptible to rocks chipping the paint. I've already noticed a couple of small paint chips from driving back from Oregon. I've decided to put a wrap on the hood. Took it to Sign Pro in Southington and they did a great job.

Laura‘s conclusion with the CT State Police and her new beginnings traveling with Black Skye and Jose on their next path of life.

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